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How do I get my website online

Jun 29, 2021 AT 08:58AM


In this article it explains the simple steps for a beginner to get their website online.

Step 1

The Domain.

The domain is the address where you going to keep your website pages on the server.So it becomes your site name automatically. However Your site name can be different from the address.Many users try to get very closer web address to their site name.If you are lucky you might get the exact matching name as your address. So this Address is called domain.

For example "www.mynewsite.com".

How the world going to find your address.Well they wont until you register your domain name.Once you register a domain anyone can access your website by simply typing your web address. www.mynewsite.com.

Most web hosting providers like www.joelsa.uk offer domain registration.


Step 2

Web Hosting

But how & where they going to find your website.

Will they find your website from your computer ?  No.

To find your site you need to display your site ,thats where web hosting comes in.Basically the server has to host your website so every one else can find it from your website name.

Once you signup for a web hosting plan you get access to a control panel.in joelsa.uk we provide Cpanel.


Step 3.

Transfer files to the server

Login to your account.

You can see the number of active services & domains.

Click on Services.

You will see the active services.

Click & select the hosting plan.

Click Login to cPanel.

On your Cpanel click File manager in the files section.

When you click file manager you will see below dashboard

Click on public_html, and this is your root directory.All the files where user can access from the frontend of your website are uploaded here.

When you upload index.html or index.php that will load when user go to your www.yourwebsitename.com 

Please note index.php has the priority than index.html.