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Downloading the Signage Player app.

Downloading to the Android TV or to the Android Stick From Google PLaystore.

If you have an Android TV or Android TV stick which has Playstore in it ,you may be able to download the app straight from the playstore.If you find the app in playstore follow the downloading process as below..

Note- Some Android TV's not show all the playstore apps.

If you cannot find the app through playstore download via our APK link here Download APK

1. Download the app from Google play store and complete the installation process.

Download the app from Google play store.If you dont see the app in playstore download from our site.

2. Open the app.Login with your username and password.If you dont have a Username, first you need to register and signup for a account goto Sign Up,create an account and then login.

Register & Login

3. Once you logged in first time the app will remember your details and redirect you to the home when you login next time.

Now goto "My Stations" and select the station name that you want to run on this TV.

Once you logged in select the station to run on TV

Other Methods of Download.

Download using downloader app

Downloading the app through downloader app is pretty easy.this is the best way to download the app if you cannot find our app on playstore.
First download the "Downloader" app from google play store to the TV or TV stick.Click here.
Open the downloader app and type the url of ""
Then it will automatically download the signage player app to the TV or Tv stick.

Download to your mobile & Transfer to TV.

Download the app to your mobile phone from playstore or download the APK file from our site.
To download from our APK link,open this page on your mobile phone and Click here.
To transfer the app to Android TV you need to download ES Explorer to your Mobile.To download ES explorer Click here.
Watch the below video to learn how to transfer the ES explorer and then the signage app to the TV.

Adding & Editing Slides through Web-interface

Goto "My account".Once you are logged in Goto "control panel" from the top menu.Login to your control panel

Click On My Stations button

Click My stations Button

Click + button to add a new station/Screen

Click on Add station

Then Slect the station that you want to add images.Add slides.One slide is one image.

add a slide
Click on a slide.You will see the slide editor page.
edit the slides

Editing Slides

Here you can upload the image that you want to run.

You can add a Title & Description if you need.

Save it

Restaurant Menus/Single Slide Show.

The Single Slide Show is most suitable for Menu boards.

To Run the Single Slide Show mode You need to use the set up the background image(logo image)

Goto the control panel

Goto "the control panel"My Stations"

Select the Station that you want to setup as a menu board

Click On the Background button

Click Background button upload the menu

Upload the menu

Remember to check " Show Background" check box and save it.

chosse a file

To play the menu board ensure you select the correct playmode

Goto the station,check the "Single slide show" check box and save it.Then click play

chosse a file

Playing the slides.

To Play:Goto My stations from the Home screen.Then pick the Station,then it will automatically run.Ensure that you have added the slides through your control panel.


When you try this app you will see " activation required" on the top of the screen.If you are satisfied you can purchase and activate the app. To activate goto and login to you account.


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